Scripture records veal as a delicate nutritional source used to celebrate special occasions.  In the parable of the prodigal son found in Luke 15, the father eagerly awaits the return of his lost son.  When he arrives back on the farm, the father gives orders for the fatted calf to be prepared for the evening celebration!


Veal Packages

Like all our products, our veal is conceived, calved, and cared for on our local farm in Delight, NC.  One source, raised one way, on a small scale.  We never treat our veal calves with antibiotics or hormones.  We allow our calves unlimited access to their mother’s milk and graze freely in our sunshine filled pastures of lush grasses and cool spring water. Our calves enjoy the highest quality of life possible and it results in the best veal in the world.  Because our calves are free to run, jump, and graze our veal is rich in color and full of flavor.  Because we care, our BFF veal is soft textured, wonderfully flavored, and exquisitely the best.

Veal Italian Sausage
20 lbs

Ground Veal
Bulk 25 lbs

Veal Chorizo Sausage
Bulk 20 lbs