God has truly blessed our Family

God has truly blessed our family with His riches of grace and mercy. We all get along wonderfully (most of the time). We have three children: Keely, Ella, and Lucas.

Kathy and I met on a blind date in August of 1998. After nine months of courtship and enduring some rough times in our personal lives (Kathy’s father went to Heaven in October ’98 and my dad went to Heaven in April ’99), we realized we could not and did not want to live life apart. So we married on June 19th, 1999!

Three years later Keely was born! One and half years later Ella was born! We waited six more years before trying for number three and God has trusted us with Lucas. Children are a blessing from God, but this blessing brings the greater challenge. Teaching children to follow Christ, while caring for His creation - is an awesome challenge!  We farm together.  Keely cares for the goats and chickens. Ella raises the pork.  Lucas helps daddy with the cattle.  Mommy keeps us together and is in charge of product testing (cooking family meals)!