High Quality, Sustainable Meats

Located in the Foothills of North Carolina, Beam Family Farms is a multi-generational farm dedicated to raising livestock in high quality, sustainable pastures for the duration of their lifetime.


We offer a variety of pasture raised all natural products

Grass-fed Beef

Our cattle never see a feed lot. We focus on producing lush pastures with a variety of nutritional grasses for our cattle to graze.

All Natural Dog Treats

FITO's Pet Treats are made of 100% beef liver from our cattle. There are no hormones, preservatives or fillers used to make this product.


Ella’s Pastured Pork

Our pastured pork is flavorful and healthy for your family. Raised in a pasture with lots of sunshine and places to root around.


Our Faith

We believe that Jesus Christ lived a perfect life. He was crucified in our place and after three days in a tomb, He resurrected from the grave!  He continues to heal and restore people into a right relationship with their Creator -today! As a demonstration of our faith and trust in God to provide our needs, we tithe on every BFF beef sale. In other words, we give at least 10% of every purchase back to God in some way.

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